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Full Wind Survey

WindScout conducts a wind survey using an accurate anemometer system to reduce the uncertantity over your annual mean wind speed, improving turbine selection and positioning.

A wind site where the NOABL annual mean wind speed is unlikely to be correct is recommended for a full wind survey to understand the estimated annual mean wind speed. An anemometer wind survey will be conducted at 15m measuring wind speed and direction for a minimum of 3-6 months preferably 6-12months. The results will provide valuable data to help optimise the wind development and reduce uncertainty in your energy yield projections. Choosing the correct turbine will optimise your annual energy yield and reduce your payback times.

  • Long term anemometer study
  • Turbine model recommendation
  • Optimised turbine siting


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"My Skystream easily gives me better return than a cash ISA! "

Inger Smith, Lyde, Herefordshire,

We installed a 2.4kW Skystream3.7 in an ideal location open to strong winds from all directions.